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How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off


Apr 20, 2022
How to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

The key to sustainably losing weight is identifying your goals and motivations and staying focused on them. Then, find ways to hold onto those goals and motivations. You can also seek help from a weight management clinic to help you meet your goals. Here are some tips for sustaining your weight loss efforts:

Exercise is more important than diet:

Studies have shown that exercise is more important than diet for achieving long-term weight loss and maintaining it. Exercise boosts your metabolism and burns primarily fat. It also makes your clothes fit better and improves your mood. But, while exercise and diet go hand in hand, they should never be considered exclusive. To achieve long-term weight loss, both are essential. But, the key is to choose the right combination of the two.

Developing a healthier relationship with food:

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is developing a healthy relationship with food. You’ll be less likely to feel guilty or deprived by doing so. You’ll be able to enjoy foods that promote better health, such as whole foods that are full of fiber and protein, which contributes to lean muscle mass. You’ll also benefit from incorporating healthier fats into your diet for cardiovascular benefits and energy. Developing a healthy relationship with food is not a quick fix; it takes time and patience.

Counting calories:

Counting calories to lose weight and keep the weight off is a common diet recommendation, but it comes with some caveats. Many people have trouble sticking to it, find it stressful, and get obsessed with it. It would be best if you also considered that your body doesn’t work like a calculator. It’s not realistic for most people, so you may eat more than you should.

Avoiding emotional eating:

The key to preventing emotional eating is to know what triggers it and avoid it when possible. You can identify the triggers by keeping a food and mood diary. You may be surprised to discover that emotional eating is often a result of social influences, like being with friends and family. By identifying your triggers, you can defeat your cravings and lose weight. It would help if you also recognized the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.