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Mistakes We Make When Decorating a Room


Mar 2, 2022
Mistakes We Make When Decorating a Room

Making the mistake of choosing too many or too few focal points is an often-common mistake. It makes a room look chaotic and unfinished. Some spaces naturally have a focal point, such as a fireplace or a mantel, but other spaces should be designed around it. Adding a focal point is a good way to create visual peace and direction in a room. However, if you have no such object, you can still use a statement piece of furniture to draw attention.

Overcrowding a room:

Another common mistake is overcrowding a room. It may seem easy to have a lot of stuff in a small space, but you may not have the space to display everything in one room. It is much more common to have an overstuffed room than you think. A recent survey found that 75% of people have overstuffed rooms. Choosing a minimalist style can help make a room look more organized and harmonious?

Use too many fabrics in a room:

Another common mistake is to use too many fabrics in a room. Though matching fabrics was once a decorating trend, it’s now considered a bad idea. Try mixing and matching fabrics throughout the space to keep a room looking neat. For example, you should avoid using the same fabric for curtains, upholstery, throw pillows, and more. This way, your room will look balanced and uncluttered.

Paint the room before deciding on furnishings:

The third mistake is to paint the room before deciding on furnishings. Choosing fabrics should be the first decision you make. After choosing furniture, it will be easier to choose paint colors and accessories. However, it’s much more difficult to find fabric that matches the wall color once you’ve decided on a certain color. A good idea is to test out the color on your sofa or in a small area.

Don’t be too ambitious when decorating a room:

Try to avoid overcrowding. It can cause a mess in the room. If you’re indecisive, don’t overdo it. Instead, focus on the main design theme of the room. It will help you avoid mistakes later. It’s easier to use a monochromatic color scheme in a small room than to use too many colors.

Some of the biggest mistakes we make when decorating a room are based on a lack of knowledge. In some cases, it’s a matter of personal preference. But while you should have a general idea of what you’d like your room to look like, you should also consider the style and layout.