One Company Standing Out

We have been working with smaller painting companies for over 10 years. Our efforts at helping the little company has been tremendously successful. We have partnered with well over 100 painting businesses. We have seen these companies thrive over the larger painting companies. The way they have thrived is by implementing some of the suggestions that we have given to them as well as helping them to implement some very easy marketing strategies that put them in front of their clients.

Here is a Success Story

We have been working with one company for over two years. When they came to us, they were struggling to get clients. They had been in business for over 3 years. They were barely getting by. They were making just enough to pay for their bills, supplies and workers. The reason was not because of their work ethic or ability. They were highly skilled painters. They just had a poor client getting plan. After spending a few sessions with us, we helped them to map out a strategy to get more clients. Their clients were looking for Longmont CO painters. We started with their website. We gave them helpful suggestions that would help them look more professional to their clients. We then help them to make some changes that would better help their website get noticed by their clients. We also developed a strategic plan to brand their company on social media.

After one month of making some of these strategic changes, they began to see an immediate difference. They were getting 5x more phone calls a week based on some of these implementations. The company name began to get a presence on their social media outlets. They promoted themselves on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They made sure to post helpful content for their clients that would give something back. From how to choose the best painters to what would be some of the best colors for your room were helpful topics that they covered. At the end of the day we have been so excited for this company and the progress that they have made.

We are looking forward to letting you know about some upcoming success stories that we are working with as we speak. We have some companies that are all across the United States and we are looking forward to telling you their story.

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