Getting Smarter With House Painting Businesses

Instead of using our resources to out market a lot of the bigger painting companies who have lots of resources to put into market, we like to think in different ways that helps us to better connect to residents. We have used lots of alternatives to the bigger painting companies. They tend to focus on emails, SEO, website design, and social media. We believe that these are valuable resources to use for sure. However, we have chosen to go wider and deeper. We have chosen to go wider in that we have chosen to help train smaller businesses to hire people to go door to door. We have found this extremely successful in gathering clients whose homes need to be painting. We go deeper in that we focus on Social Media to help generate good gossip within the community. Most communities have a Facebook page in which we zero in on promoting our name and promoting the good work we are doing within the community. In having a strong Facebook presence, our name becomes associated with funny pictures, crazy contests and doing good within the community.